The SMME Business Toolkit

SMME’s in various countries face similar challenges such as:

1.       Access of readily available information

2.       Lack of time and resources to source information and practical advice

3.       Require solutions to resolve business problems immediately

QED has designed and developed an SMME product called The SMME Business Toolkit to address the challenges identified above. The content of the Toolkit is based on QED’s New Venture Creation L2 qualification.

Features of the Toolkit

1.       It provides fundamental building blocks for business success

2.       It is user friendly, with easily accessible information and practical advises and tips

3.       It can be used as a stand-alone product or reference material and as a self-study guide

4.       It covers all aspects of setting up and running a business

5.       It is well researched and written in simple language

6.       It provides training and development intervention options

7.       It includes templates, business forms and links

8.       It can be customized to suit various contexts and environments

9.       It is available in different languages

This Toolkit can be ordered through the QED offices at 011 463 0907.


The SMME Business Toolkit


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