At QED we pride ourselves on the results that we achieve for our clients and our learners. For many of our programmes we have the highest success rates in the industry. For example for Assessor Training and On Job Coaching Skills training we have achieved competence rates of over 90% on recent projects.

QED's Value Adds:

Our Unique Assessment Methodology

For many of our programmes e.g. Assessor and Coaching, our methodology of ‘live assessment’ (observation of performance) ensures the best results. 

Assessment via portfolio of evidence only, has a high dropout rate and hence a return ratio of only 20 – 30%, whereas QED’s assessment process ensures that clients have competent assessors in the most cost effective manner, whilst guaranteeing the authenticity and validity of the assessment. 

Learner Support

At QED we go the extra mile to help our learners become competent. We do this by establishing a close contact with individuals as well as designing and providing the necessary assessment tools and instruments for large projects, to facilitate the process.

Value Added Products and Services

1. DVD's

To go the extra mile QED has produced a unique programme which will be available and given out free of charge to delegates on DVD on how to prepare for "Live" assessment and compile a portfolio of evidence (POE) to QED's standards. QED is the only provider to offer this level of learner support and value add.

2. Self-Study Programme

QED also provides a self-study Video/DVD based Assessor Training programme which would save learners a lot of time in attending training sessions.

3. Toolkit CD

This is a fully loaded CD with valuable assessment templates, forms, policies and procedures. This goes a long way to make the learner's life simple and convenient. Client's documents such as assessment policies, procedures and templates, as well as other details can be loaded onto the CD.

4. Access to Trainers and Assessors

Learners will have access to our trainers beyond training to answer any other questions.

5. Extra Coaching

QED will provide one on one coaching during the training as well as post course, where required.

6. Re-Assessments

QED will provide two re-assessment attempts for "Not Yet Competent" delegates at no extra charge to the client or delegate if the re-assessment takes place at QED offices.

7. Additional Learners Trained

We offer to train additional learners in order to meet or exceed the required target set by the client at no extra cost.


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