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Dear colleagues, comrades and friends.

It is a great pleasure to notice that most of the so called “legacy qualifications” if not all of them have been given a lifeline once again by the powers that be for another 3 years till 2018. We hope that during this period the QCTO will find its footing and provide a clear direction and guidance to the skills development community for re-development of these qualifications to meet the new qualifications framework and format as set out by the QCTO. 

Most of the Services SETA providers’ accreditation if not all, have been extended till March 2016 whereas the programme approval (qualification scope extension) for most of the SETAs would have been till the expiry of the qualification or the provider accreditation whichever comes first. It is hoped and assumed that in line with the re-registration of these qualifications, the SETAs will now grant accreditation extensions to cover the life span of the qualifications.  


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CEO's Desk